Program Requirements

The WCC Police Academy is an intensive academic program that requires long days and weekend training commitments. Additionally, the police academy has a mandatory discipline and counseling program. The ethical standards of the police academy far exceed the requirements of an ordinary academic program. Team work, good moral character, tolerance and high ethical standards are required of all our students and faculty. This scrupulous behavior requirement mimics the requirements of police officers functioning in our society.

Academic Expectations

Nineteen academic credits are granted to each student completing the academy. Any final grade below a “C” or 72% G.P.A. is insufficient to receive MCOLES credit/approval for a successful academy completion.


There is a 100 percent attendance requirement in all skill areas and a 90 percent attendance requirement for the remainder of the academic classes. Voluntary absences will not be accommodated by the WCC staff. Missing excessive amounts of time can result in dismissal from the academy.